Make Your Own Handmade Book



Ready to make your own handmade book? These are the perfect size for jotting down notes or making a compact scrapbook. All you need are a few supplies, including a pretty patterned fabric. I like using thick canvas fabrics (iKea has some good ones!) for a sturdy, finished look. Enjoy!

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Heart Ice Cream Sandwiches

I made these heart ice cream sandwiches for our Valentine’s Day indoor picnic and I’ve been devouring them every since. Ice cream sandwiches were my favorite dessert in the Dining Hall during my Freshmen year of college, so I was eager to make my own version! I love how cute the sandwiches turned out, especially the heart cookies which I had to bake three at a time in our toaster oven (our oven is still broken!). Its such a great spin to the classic ice cream sandwich.

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chocolate crinkle cookies

These crinkly cookies almost have as much powder sugar as the beignets I had in New Orleans. And, yes, that is a very good thing. The chocolate cookie dough is rolled into balls and then covered in layers of powder sugar before being popped in the oven. Once in the oven, they puff and crinkle until the are super soft and super addicting. I think this recipe (seen here and here) may be one of my new favorites that I will definitely be making over and over and over again.

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Red Velvet Cupcakes

This year, I decided to make a whole bunch of mini red velvet cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting (using this recipe) for the holidays. I spent an evening baking and the next afternoon frosting and packaging each of these tiny cupcakes into plastic containers that took forever to find. I decided to package the cupcakes using scraps of gold wrapping paper and bits of red yarn for a simple, crafty look. Baking, frosting, and packaging the cupcakes was the perfect way to get unwind from the last hectic weeks of work and welcome my two weeks of holiday vacation!

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DIY Laptop Sleeve




After waiting and waiting, I finally purchased my MacBook Air a few months ago. Not only was I super excited to upgrade to a newer laptop, I was also excited about making a brand new case for my shiny laptop! I used two graphic & bright fabrics (thank you, iKea!), old felt for padding, and an extremely long zipper that I accidentally purchased awhile ago and sewed my case using this tutorial. Luckily, my laptop is super skinny, otherwise it may not have fit! Its a bit snug, which is probably due to the felt layer, but I’m happy with the results. Now I can cart my laptop around without worrying about it!

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25 Pinata!



image image


Ever since putting together my first piñata earlier this year, I’ve been wanting to make another. Mike’s recent birthday was the perfect opportunity to try out this number piñata tutorial (I am completely inspired by Oh Happy Day’s Piñata series, by the way!). The numbers were really simple to put together and, since we still have boxes left over from our move, we had plenty of scrap cardboard to use. While the fringe took longer to attach, a little background music made it a relaxing experience.

Mike’s birthday has passed, but the piñatas still are in tact since I’m a little sad about smashing them. For now, we’re just displaying them on our coffee table! Maybe I’ll be ready to destroy them when my 25th birthday comes around….

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