Designed by Jaclyn

3 Dec

New website: Designed by Jaclyn


18 Feb

Dear readers old & new,

We’ve moved! I wanted to say a quick hello and introduce you to my new home on the internet.

I’m now blogging at Designed by Jaclyn and have finally put together my portfolio here. I’m super excited about these new adventures ahead and hope you’ll take a chance to look around…!

– Jaclyn

A Shift

9 Nov

I’ve been putting off writing this for the last few weeks, but feel that I can’t leave my blog hanging in this unknown state for much longer…

I started The Late Afternoon after graduating college and starting life in the real world. While I had a respectable career path (I really did learn a lot and picked up a few good experiences here and there), it was not for me. The Late Afternoon became my nightly escape into a creative world I was drawn to – design, food, photography, typography, colors, and beautifully designed products.

Recently, three years after starting The Late Afternoon, I got “brave” and I left my job and somehow life started shifting. We moved to the city. I started taking graphic design classes. I started designing marketing materials for a non-profit and designed catalogs here (and realized that its possible to like your job). I ran a marathon (aka my life became consumed by running). And suddenly The Late Afternoon didn’t seem to fit any more, posting became half-hearted, and Pinterest started taking over (seriously). As much as I have loved posting and sharing here, this is the part where we say goodbye. Or at least, goodbye for now.

While posting here may be slowing down, I am excited to start developing my portfolio and immersing myself more and more into the design world. Please stay posted!

And lastly and most importantly, thank you for sticking along and reading!

Until next time,

The Late Afternoon

Weekend Words

16 Sep

This is my current iPhone wallpaper, courtesy of DesignLoveFest’s “Dress Your Tech” series (love it!). Such an inspirational combination of three simple words. It definitely proved to be motivational during my long run last Friday!

You Got This

The Time We Drank Champagne in the Park

11 Sep

Well check this off the summer to-do list! There’s nothing like a sunny Alamo Square, champagne in red cups, friends, cheese, and little pink cookies. Oh, and I also got “visit a secret rooftop garden” done last week too. Just a few more to go…!

Mid Century Modern Chair Updated

6 Sep

Along with our yellow chair, we also acquired two mid-century modern chair frames with our flat. The chair frames had such a classic mid-century look that I couldn’t wait to make them usable again. After a few weeks of staring at an empty chair frame in our living room, I created a box cushion out of a canvas duck cloth and stuffed the cushion with thick foam. Getting the measurements all lined up when sewing it together was a little tricky, but I am mostly happy with the results, especially the zipper part! The finished chair is a great addition to our living room and lives happily by our fireplace.


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