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Once in a Whale…

29 Sep

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All my (few) attempts at whale watching have never been quite successful, but for now, these adorable whale inspired goods will suffice. Funny/random story – my younger sister used to consider these round-bodied whales, “snales (snail + whale)” because if you look at the whale backwards it looks a little bit like a snail (the tail is the head) with a big round shell! Creative, right? Do you get what I mean?

Score + Solder

28 Sep





Last year I kept two small succulents on our balcony and completely neglected them. I know, I know, bad plant owner. BUT my two little succulents still loved me after months of barely or no water and survived! That is why succulents deserve such pretty homes like these terrariums by Score + Solder. Seriously loving the geometric designs and desert looking scenes! So much, that staring at one long enough must surely be like a mini oasis escape.

Images via Score + Solder

Chocolate Cream Pie

27 Sep

image image


Creating this chocolate cream pie for Mike’s birthday reminded me of chemistry lab. I say this in the most positive of ways. Its fascinating how a simple combination of cream, milk, sugar, and corn starch turns into a thick, gelatin consistency when heated and the way mixing cream in a chilled bowl can transform into a bowl of fluffy whipped goodness. I was amazed. Even more amazing? The velvety, rich texture of this pie mixed with its crumbly graham cracker crust!

Farewell Summer

26 Sep


And just like that summer is over. Though nothing beats sunny days and warm nights, our newfound crispy air and the pending crunchy leaves are a welcome change. I had a bunch of plans for this summer and thankfully checked off a few of them over these past few months, while also adding on many unforgettable times – the LA trip, sunset walks, hikes, etc, etc.  For the unaccomplished goals, no one says you can’t pretend its summer in autumn, right?

Summer To-Dos, Revisited – The Accomplished:

1. Make Raspberry Ice Cream
2. Visit the Wine Country when its not raining.
3. Make Homemade Sangria
4 & 8. Have multiple Picnics & BBQs, including a Summer Solstice Picnic
5. Play tourist in San Francisco
6.Visit Stinson Beach the beach at least once
7. Find a New Apartment and Re-Decorate
8. Attend a Baseball Game
9. Take Spontaneous Weekend Roadtrips

Summer To-Dos, Revisited – The UNaccomplished:

1. Have a Bonfire at the Beach
2. Make Homemade Limeade 
3. Make Popsicles
4. Visit Mount Tam at least once
5. Drive an RV to the Desert / Go Camping
6. Attend a free Outdoor Concert

To-do lists or not, summer, you were great.

Weekend Words

25 Sep



Heat Wave

22 Sep


The end of summer is nearing, but it feels like a second summer has just begun in the Bay Area. The weather is gorgeous and HOT – like over ninety degrees hot, air conditioning 24/7 hot, wish I was outside all day hot. What better way to cool off than deliciously? While I never reached my summer goal of making popsicles, eating popsicles is much better than making them!

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