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This Is What Weekends Are About

30 Apr

Weekends are for: outdoor concerts with your bff, sunny San Francisco afternoons, festivals, and reading on the patio at dusk. This weekend was a combination of them all and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Weekend Words

27 Apr

As of this week: officially enrolled in my summer Graphic Design class & officially registered for this.

Excited for what’s to come! YAYYY.

The Golden Hours

26 Apr

{6:30 AM, 7:30 PM}

The golden hours. The time when the sun is rising/setting and everything seems to be glowing. Its my favorite. Recently, I’ve felt like time is going so fast and there’s no time to fit in what I actually want to be doing. Its frustrating sometimes, but to fit everything in, I attempted an early morning run before heading to work. While I was pretty much half-asleep during the entire running experience, there is a certain stillness that you can only get in the morning. On the flip side, right when the sun is setting is pretty great too. You can just see the day slowing down with the sun throughout our little neighbor. Lucky for me, I was able to capture both yesterday =)

Sketches + Flowers

25 Apr


Loving this combination of simple sketches with sophisticated floral arrangements by Kari Herer.

Image Source

Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle

24 Apr

I’m currently on an extensive search for a beach cruiser. Preferably, in light yellow or mint! Since moving to our neighborhood, I’ve imagined days biking around to the grocery store and the park in the springtime. These bike illustrations by Jolly Edition are reminder that its time to get serious about my bike hunt. Can’t wait!

Image Source

Weekend Words

22 Apr

A very late weekend post this week since I spent the majority of my Friday and Saturday celebrating Picnic Day at UC Davis. For students and alumni, Picnic Day is like a holiday, one spent drinking, cow milking, and celebrating our university and favorite farm town. This year, we soaked up the ninety degree weather and pretended we were in college again, which is always a good time. I’ll always consider of Davis as one of my “homes” and visiting brings back so many good memories.

And on another note, happy Earth day! Its always important to take a second to realize how lucky we are to live on such a beautiful planet.