A Shift

I’ve been putting off writing this for the last few weeks, but feel that I can’t leave my blog hanging in this unknown state for much longer…

I started The Late Afternoon after graduating college and starting life in the real world. While I had a respectable career path (I really did learn a lot and picked up a few good experiences here and there), it was not for me. The Late Afternoon became my nightly escape into a creative world I was drawn to – design, food, photography, typography, colors, and beautifully designed products.

Recently, three years after starting The Late Afternoon, I got “brave” and I left my job and somehow life started shifting. We moved to the city. I started taking graphic design classes. I started designing marketing materials for a non-profit and designed catalogs here (and realized that its possible to like your job). I ran a marathon (aka my life became consumed by running). And suddenly The Late Afternoon didn’t seem to fit any more, posting became half-hearted, and Pinterest started taking over (seriously). As much as I have loved posting and sharing here, this is the part where we say goodbye. Or at least, goodbye for now.

While posting here may be slowing down, I am excited to start developing my portfolio and immersing myself more and more into the design world. Please stay posted!

And lastly and most importantly, thank you for sticking along and reading!

Until next time,

The Late Afternoon

6 thoughts on “A Shift

  1. I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts…..but I don’t think I’ve ever commented. Good luck for your new venture and adventures. It’s not always easy to be Brave and follow ones dreams.

  2. Awww I’m sad to see you go, but best of luck with your design career :-) I’ll be following along on Pinterest!

  3. Stella

    So happy to hear you have a new perspective on life…things have shifted and it sounds good! So excited for you!!! So fun following you on The Late Afternoon…see you on Pinterest! And when you return to The Late Afternoon, I’ll be visiting.

  4. fair enough! definitely keep us posted on how you are!

  5. That is awesome news!! I’m so excited for you!!

  6. Awww Jaclyn I’m sad to see you go… but I’ll keep up with you on Pinterest too! Also it’s such exciting news and I hope things go really well for you. I also recently started a big graphic design course, but on top of my day job. A big part of me wishes I could have just stopped the job and gone for it full time, but hopefully it’ll pay off anyway! Good luck with everything! Sally x

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