Ben Eine Murals

Even though San Francisco is practically considered “home” to me, I’ve never actually lived there -unless you count the first three years of my life. So, I’m thinking this whole moving to San Francisco thing is going to be a little bit of an adjustment, especially since I’m such a suburbs kind of girl. I’ve spent this morning ignoring the fact that our apartment is in shambles  and instead have been scouring the internet for fun SF finds! My favorites so far are the typographic murals by Ben Eines. I’m completely drawn to the type, the bold colors, and the massive size of each of them! I’ve only driven by the “Great Adventures” mural, but cannot wait to search the city streets for all the others!

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3 thoughts on “Ben Eine Murals

  1. jvar

    I’m a fan of Rigo 23’s murals around SF (“One tree” “Birds” etc. – look like massive street signs)

  2. Those are so cool. Love the Great Adventure.

  3. Hope you enjoy!! =D

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