Boxed Up

A simple box filled with trinkets and goodies is completely irresistible. I seriously love how the contents of each of these packages complement each other so well. Finding a package on my front door step is always fun (thank you online shopping!), but they have never been as well-designed as these!


Manic’s /  You are my Fave / The Indigo Bunting / DesignLoveFest / Amanda Jane Jones 

3 thoughts on “Boxed Up

  1. Totally agree with that. These really do look amazing! Thanks for the inspirational photos. It’s nice to be back here. :)
    Ronnie xo

  2. I wish a party in a box would show up on my front doorstep! Love these!

  3. ueeeeee!
    my birthday is coming up – need to do invitations – something in yello and grey – that box looks soooooo fun.

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