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Designed by Jaclyn

3 Dec

New website: Designed by Jaclyn


18 Feb

Dear readers old & new,

We’ve moved! I wanted to say a quick hello and introduce you to my new home on the internet.

I’m now blogging at Designed by Jaclyn and have finally put together my portfolio here. I’m super excited about these new adventures ahead and hope you’ll take a chance to look around…!

– Jaclyn

The Time We Drank Champagne in the Park

11 Sep

Well check this off the summer to-do list! There’s nothing like a sunny Alamo Square, champagne in red cups, friends, cheese, and little pink cookies. Oh, and I also got “visit a secret rooftop garden” done last week too. Just a few more to go…!

Before We Say Goodbye

4 Sep


1 – Real-life “floral” print

2 – Sunset during my sister’s birthday boat party

3 – The days when our living room glows are my favorite

4 – A bonfire in the middle of the city

Even though Labor Day weekend has passed, summer isn’t over yet. I think here in San Francisco, it may have just begun, which may explain my absence this past week (oops). Though I’m kind of excited to throw on a cozy scarf, giant cardigan, and boots, there are still many things that I want to accomplish on my Summer To-Do List. With these last few weeks left, I’m planning to savor the summer days as long as I can.

Flea Market Finds

8 Aug

Snapshots of the finds from my first flea market trip:

An “original” instagram (aka polaroid camera): I can’t wait to buy film for it!

A gold mirrored tray: Perfect for holding bowls of jewelry and trinkets.

A brass duck: This guy currently lives at the base of my mantle.

Flea Market Treasure Hunting

7 Aug


My sister and I visited the Alameda Flea Market this past Sunday in search for new treasures! It was my first time to the flea market and I was surprised at how many boothes there were. I think its pretty much impossible to look at everything, but we definitely tried. If I could, I probably would have purchased a ton more stuff like old vintage keys, pretty bottles, and a set of vintage metal flat files, but I resisted. I ended up purchasing three items that I’ll share in another post. Once we get our place more in order, I am definitely planning another trip to the flea market!