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Sunny Days

22 Aug

I’m convinced that it won’t be winter here forever in San Francisco. I’ve been continually reminding myself that its still summer by wearing shorts, even if I am the only one shivering in the fog. Its gorgeous here in its own foggy way, especially when all the light flows into our flat, but I do miss the good ol’ sun. To remedy this, thank goodness Pinterest is filled with sunny pictures. A few trips to nature are in order.

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Ben Eine Murals

24 Jul

Even though San Francisco is practically considered “home” to me, I’ve never actually lived there -unless you count the first three years of my life. So, I’m thinking this whole moving to San Francisco thing is going to be a little bit of an adjustment, especially since I’m such a suburbs kind of girl. I’ve spent this morning ignoring the fact that our apartment is in shambles  and instead have been scouring the internet for fun SF finds! My favorites so far are the typographic murals by Ben Eines. I’m completely drawn to the type, the bold colors, and the massive size of each of them! I’ve only driven by the “Great Adventures” mural, but cannot wait to search the city streets for all the others!

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Heart-Shaped Rocks

19 Jul

We’re finally starting to organize our apartment for our big MOVE in the next weeks. When doing so, I came across this dusty bowl of heart-shaped rocks that I collected on the shores of the French Rivera a few years ago. It definitely prompted me to spend about an hour or so reading through my old travel journal! Isn’t it great how small, random trinkets can evoke such great memories?

Tie Dyed for Summer

11 Jul

I really like the organic, airy feel of these pieces by Proud Mary. It makes me want to experiment with tie-dying!

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And its summer!

20 Jun

Today is the official first day of summer – my favorite! Summers are always filled with so many possibilities for adventure and time spent outside, especially this year’s. I really can’t wait to take advantage of this season! We’ve been lucky to get a glimpse of what summer has to offer these past few weeks with hot weather, long nights, and sunset picnics. What’s next? Eating lots of popsicles. Wearing shorts all the time. Moving to San Francisco (where I will still wear shorts, no matter how cold!). Enjoying the last days in our sleepy town. Decorating. Camping. Beaching. Hiking. Driving up Mount Tam. Exploring our new-ish city. Going out & staying up late. Beer gardens. Sunsets.

I’ll make a real summer list soon, but for now, happy summer!

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Student, Again

12 Jun

It is fun being a student again, especially when homework includes sketching typefaces and mood board layouts.