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Weekend Words

8 Jun

I just discovered Julian Bialowas365Q project and am in awe. How did I not find out about this project a year ago? The combination of photographs and type are impeccable – at least I think so. Trust that I’ll be studying every single one of these in the next coming weeks!

What are your weekend plans? I’m hoping to get a chance to finally ride my bicycle!

Cotton Candy and Constellations

7 Jun


During a particularly sleepless night yesterday (too much caffeine!), I stumbled upon these mixed media prints by Natalie Nicklin. The B&W prints and cotton candy pink are a stellar combination.

Images via Natalie Nicklin

The Golden Gate

28 May

Yesterday was the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th birthday! If its possible to have a favorite bridge, the Golden Gate would be mine. Its bold and the ultimate San Francisco symbol. I’ve crossed it hundreds of times to get to San Francisco from Marin, only walked it once, painted it for art class, taken multiple pictures of it, watched the sunrise from it after my hs graduation…its the backdrop to so many moments in my life. So, here’s to you, GGB, may you stay your bright orange-red for years to come!

Love Me Two Times

21 May

The “Love Me Two Times” collection by Kirra Jamison is filled with the prettiest, happiest colors.

Little Houses

2 May


These 3D paper posters by Chloe Fleury  definitely capture the spirit of San Francisco’s distinct neighborhoods. I love all of the color blocked details like each home’s trim and well-placed rain clouds. The funny thing is that its not that rare to find homes in SF that are painted in these bright colors.

Image Source

This Is What Weekends Are About

30 Apr

Weekends are for: outdoor concerts with your bff, sunny San Francisco afternoons, festivals, and reading on the patio at dusk. This weekend was a combination of them all and I couldn’t be happier about it.