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Mid Century Modern Chair Updated

6 Sep

Along with our yellow chair, we also acquired two mid-century modern chair frames with our flat. The chair frames had such a classic mid-century look that I couldn’t wait to make them usable again. After a few weeks of staring at an empty chair frame in our living room, I created a box cushion out of a canvas duck cloth and stuffed the cushion with thick foam. Getting the measurements all lined up when sewing it together was a little tricky, but I am mostly happy with the results, especially the zipper part! The finished chair is a great addition to our living room and lives happily by our fireplace.


Cross Pillow

21 Aug

Now that we’re pretty much unpacked, it’s time for the fun part – decorating! I’ve started to make progress on my list of DIY projects and seeing little pieces of the flat come together. This cross pillow was the result of a gloomy Monday afternoon. I thought the colors and bold pattern would pair nicely with this velvety yellow old chair we acquired. I pieced the pillow together like a puzzle with thick canvas and by cutting out the navy parts of striped fabric. Lots of measuring and calculations went into making sure this pieced together perfectly.

Flea Market Finds

8 Aug

Snapshots of the finds from my first flea market trip:

An “original” instagram (aka polaroid camera): I can’t wait to buy film for it!

A gold mirrored tray: Perfect for holding bowls of jewelry and trinkets.

A brass duck: This guy currently lives at the base of my mantle.


5 Aug

Though the cardboard boxes remain and things are scattered everywhere, our place is starting to feel more like home. We’re getting used to not living in a shoebox apartment and loving all the light that flows into the space. Its gorgeous!

Weekend Words

28 Jul

And so, the final move begins – onward!


Goodbye Little Town

27 Jul


And so we’ve reached our final day here in our little town. I’m pretty sad to leave this place and all of its sunny days! We’ve been taking advantage of our last week here by taking walks around our neighborhood, eating ice cream, and yeah…packing (that part hasn’t been much fun). Its been a good year here, but excited to see what happens next!