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Falcon Wright

2 Aug


Well hello. Its been awhile. We’re still busy unpacking boxes, but these brightly colored pouches by Falcon Wright caught my eye during a little break today. They just look happy, aren’t they?



Days of Summer

30 Jul

Summer words are my favorite, which is why I instantly fell in love with these pencils. Now that we’ve moved, I’m hoping that we can continue indulging in summer activities. On my mind? Champagne in the park, museum trips, bonfires, and oystering.

La Sardina

8 May



Stripes are my favorite. They are probably yours too. Its such a classic pattern, its hard not to love it! What’s not so classic are cameras covered in them – bright, beachy, colorful stripes. It is so not classic and it is so right. If only more cameras looked less “electronic” and more like these La Sardina lomo cameras. These are just asking to capture sunny moments.

Images via Lomography

Little Houses

2 May


These 3D paper posters by Chloe Fleury  definitely capture the spirit of San Francisco’s distinct neighborhoods. I love all of the color blocked details like each home’s trim and well-placed rain clouds. The funny thing is that its not that rare to find homes in SF that are painted in these bright colors.

Image Source

Sketches + Flowers

25 Apr


Loving this combination of simple sketches with sophisticated floral arrangements by Kari Herer.

Image Source


17 Apr


This week is going to be a crazy one. I’m trying not to think about it too much. For now, I’m loving the simple pairing of clean fonts and bright colors in these buttons by The Indigo Bunting. The packaging is pretty great too.

Images via The Indigo Bunting