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Mini Instax Books

14 Mar

I am constantly drawn to mini notebooks, journals, and photo books. I just can’t help it, especially if they come in gorgeous minty, pastel colors and simple designs like these. Wouldn’t these be the perfect home for a collection of small photos, ticket stubs, and scribbled notes?

Images via MochiThings


On another note, I feel like its been forever since I’ve created anything. This is not good for my sanity. I have an entire folder of projects that I want to indulge in, but yet to get them going. It’s time to end this creative lull and get motivated!!

MaeMae Paperie Characters

8 Mar

Seriously. This is just fabulous. I am a huge admirer of Maemae Paperie and the way whimsy and sophistication seem to just mesh exquisitely in her work. Most recently, I stumbled upon MaeMae Paperie’s new collection of invitations here, which are all perfectly organized in little diagrams, and had to share. Its like each diagram covers every aspect of design that I love – patterns, fonts, colors, and gorgeous layouts! Yes, I am so very happy to “meet” each of these invitation suites!

Images via MaeMae Paperie


The FLOWERS that Lars Built

29 Feb

As someone that can’t seem to keep flowers alive, these paper flowers would do just fine in my apartment. Their size can so easily add a dramatic pop of color and whimsy to any corner.

Images via The House that Lars Built


Boxed Up

22 Feb

A simple box filled with trinkets and goodies is completely irresistible. I seriously love how the contents of each of these packages complement each other so well. Finding a package on my front door step is always fun (thank you online shopping!), but they have never been as well-designed as these!


Manic’s /  You are my Fave / The Indigo Bunting / DesignLoveFest / Amanda Jane Jones 

Banquet Valentines

8 Feb


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, things are about to get pink and sparkly around here! I can’t help but indulge in the love-inspired trinkets and paper goods filling store shelfs and online whenever February hits. These valentine’s cards by Banquet are exactly what I’m talking about – impeccable design in gorgeously bright pinks, reds, and raspberries. A simple heart has a way of just making me happy!

Image Source: Banquet

Envelope Journals

24 Jan


These journals by Present and Correct are the perfect home for my collection of ticket stubs, postcards, travel brochures, and other scraps of paper meant to spark memories of past adventures. They remind me of a much cooler version of the scrapbook travel journal I made during a month long trip through Europe. It was so stuffed with brochures, tour stickers, and bar coasters that it barely could close flat at the end of our trip and had to be held together with a rubber band. For my next big adventure, I’ll be keeping these in mind!