image Confetti!!!


image Tokketok’s Confetti Gift Ideas

image Confetti Cake & Hello Sandwich’s DIY Gift Topper


imageConfetti-Filled Envelopes = Instant Party 

imageOh Happy Day’s Confetti-Filled Eggs

Nothing says “celebration!” better than confetti. I remember one new year’s eve, my sisters and I filled balloons with confetti we made using a hole-punch, strung them on a string, and popped them when the clock struck midnight. In a matter of seconds, confetti was flying in our hair and flooding our living room. Whether it New Year’s, a surprise party, or a mundane Monday morning (Happy Monday!), confetti is the ultimate celebration staple. I especially am drawn to confetti of the colorful and sparkly variety, especially when incorporated into fun ideas like these!

8 thoughts on “Confetti!

  1. what kind of chickens lay confetti filled eggs?! lol

  2. What a fantastic round-up of confetti!! I LOVE confetti too – definitely can turn any event into a celebration instantly! The only thing about it is the clean-up…but it’s still worth it ;) This post makes me want to throw confetti around and celebrate life today :)

  3. Everything in this round up makes me so happy :-) I love the idea of filling balloons with confetti – how fun!!

  4. i love the confetti-filled eggs! they’re so pretty! the only problem with confetti is that it gets everywhere haha, but it’s still beautiful ;) ;)
    xo ~ kristina

  5. This is such a fun post! So perfect to brighten up a Monday!

  6. meg

    I love love love the confetti dipped gifts! I have a few birthdays coming up this month and I’m definitely going to use some of these ideas (:

  7. Confetti filled eggs?! OH MY GOSH that’s so amazing!

  8. Such a nice story I love it! I want to do that for my New Year’s now! May buy a confetti egg if can’t find the hole punch though :P

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