DIY Laptop Sleeve




After waiting and waiting, I finally purchased my MacBook Air a few months ago. Not only was I super excited to upgrade to a newer laptop, I was also excited about making a brand new case for my shiny laptop! I used two graphic & bright fabrics (thank you, iKea!), old felt for padding, and an extremely long zipper that I accidentally purchased awhile ago and sewed my case using this¬†tutorial. Luckily, my laptop is super skinny, otherwise it may not have fit! Its a bit snug, which is probably due to the felt layer, but I’m happy with the results. Now I can cart my laptop around without worrying about it!

16 thoughts on “DIY Laptop Sleeve

  1. jvar

    I love that you put stripes on the inside. And why are you so good a sewing? I am so jealous!

  2. ooo that is super cute, good job!!

  3. You are far too talented – love the cheerful striped fabric!

  4. Britney

    WOW! I need one of these!

  5. This is adorable! You did quite the fantastic job. And I love that you used stripes for the interior.

  6. you’re so crafty jaclyn love!

  7. I LOVE it! What a fantastic DIY! My laptop sleeve is a very boring black. I might just have to try this out!

  8. what a great DIY!!! i love having things that I’ve done myself!

  9. Love this! All the more reason to purchase the air. :)

  10. This is amazing! I have always wanted to attempt one of these but am a bit scared! You are super great seamstress :) <3

  11. oh my gosh jaclyn ~ this looks amazing!! i just love the pretty color combo and the different patterns that you used!! you’re amazing girl!! and congrats on the new mac!!
    xx ~ ks

  12. Wow, I love this! It totally beats my ugly black laptop bag. I may have to try this myself, it’d help me master my zippers!

  13. Love your pattern choice!

  14. Anna


    I’ve got a small question on the measurement. If I have a laptop 13-inch wide with a thickness of 0.5 inch, what should be the width of the fabric? Is it 14 inches + 1.5 inches margin or 13.5 inches +1.5 inches margin? Thanks a lot. :)

  15. Hi, I am in love with this idea and have been dying for a new laptop case. I was just wondering how you added the felt for padding? Did you just stuff it in…? Thank you for such a great idea and hope that you’ve been having a great week!

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