how to: make paper flowers

paperflowers I was inspired by the paper roses made by Megan Galante and have been meaning to give this craft a try of my own. After spending a good hour or so trimming, cutting, and hot gluing, I finally had created my own version of paper flowers. The flowers are so versatile and can be strung out on ribbon, used on top of a present, arranged into a table centerpiece, or just toss them onto a desk or countertop for a bit of color.

Crafting these flowers are quite simple and they don’t require a lot of precise measurements. I think it’s great how each flower turns out slightly unique. I’ve included a brief “how-to” for those of you interested in trying these out.

IMG_1451The only tools required to make the flowers are light cardstock of any color (I used pink), a pencil/pen, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Using the following outlines as a guide, cut out the different petal sizes from your cardstock.


Assemble the flower as follows:


Also, I tried making the flowers with all types of paper, such as catalogue paper to create a different kind of look:



I would love to see your creations! Post a comment or link to your blog showing off your paper flowers!

4 thoughts on “how to: make paper flowers

  1. These are great!! I’m glad I inspired you :)

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  3. Hi I am Dr Sonia S V These are superb.I have been rolling up spiral roses and was just in the mood to try something more challenging.Your flowers are lovely and thanks for the detailed pictorial tutorial
    Dr Sonia S V

  4. i love it it was very easy to make and it good to just put it around the house

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