judging books by the cover


I need to read more. When I say read, I mean real books, not magazines or my bloglovin’ feed or the nytimes.com style section. Its been way too long. I think I’ll make it  a goal to read a few books this summer. These deliciously patterned Penguin classics have been floating around the web and stores for awhile now, but I thought it was time for me to gush over them.


The stories may be old, but the covers of these clothbound Penguin Classics are anything but that. The covers have been revamped by book cover designer  Coralie Bickford-Smith to be playful, modern, and elegant. Really, they make me want to read them…or, if anything, have them lining my bookshelf to stare at. I just love the repetitive patterns and the way the bright colors pop from the more muted backgrounds of these covers.

image     image

I may have enjoyed reading these books more in high school if we had been given these pretty copies rather than the  old tattered paperback versions. Irresistible!

{Also, on another note, the very first image of this post is from ShopRuche.com and it is currently my desktop background. They may be a clothing store, but they have amazingly pretty photographs in their catalogues and websites.}

Check out more Penguin Classic covers at Penguin Books and Coralie Bickford-Smith’s website.

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