Just Keep Swimming – Pinata


After long days at work, we like to keep ourselves busy with creative projects. Its a good way to take your mind off the everyday routine and sometimes you end up with some pretty cool results. Our most recent project was this lovely little guy – our goldfish piñata. Its completely random and that’s probably why I enjoyed making it so much. We completed our piñata in just over two weeks – perfect timing to be smashed open at our Super Bowl celebration last weekend.


We layered paper mache (water + flour + strips of newspaper) over a balloon to create the round body of our goldfish. Originally, our pinata was supposed to be a traditional donkey shape, but after many failed attempts of attaching the donkey’s head, we opted for an easier approach in the form of two fins and a tail. Once we had completed our layers of paper mache (each layer has to dry overnight before adding a new one), we used tissue paper streamers and glue as decoration.

image Once all the pretty tissue paper had been glued and two gigantic eyes attached, we stuffed the pinata with all kinds of candy, M&Ms, heart shaped lollypops, and Smarties (Mike’s favorite), and hung it from the ceiling.

imageWith his giant eyes and colorful tissue paper, I have to admit, I was a little bit sad about destroying this guy. It was a unique, fun ending to our celebration though. Maybe I should have titled this post, “Just Keep Swinging.” Haha.


9 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming – Pinata

  1. soo cute!!

  2. ah so cute! i wish i was as crafty!

  3. hey, that’s me! you guys have the greatest ideas at the apartment.

  4. no!! too pretty to destroy!

  5. That’s so cute! Looks like it was fun to make.

  6. Best.Idea.Ever! Too cute. :)

  7. That is the cutest little Pinata fish EVER! I want to make one! But yes, it would be a bit difficult to destroy :)

    <3 kris&kel

  8. Stella

    I love the giant eyes. What a cutie!

  9. So cute, but I can’t believe you did it indoors!! With our luck we would totally have holes in the sheetrock or broken windows. :)

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