Making of a Carrot Birthday Cake



 There were a few reasons I was excited to make this cake: (1) it was for my friend’s SURPRISE birthday, (2) it gave me a reason to use my new mixer, and (3) carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is always good! I used this recipe that has been used many, many times for birthdays (my mom used to almost always make carrot cake for our birthdays when we were younger) and it was as delicious as I remembered.

9 thoughts on “Making of a Carrot Birthday Cake

  1. Sarah

    Thank you for the cake! SO SO good ;) I had the rest of the cake today. What a treat!

  2. Yum, it looks super delicious! I also baked a birthday cake this weekend… however, the result wasn’t quite as beautiful!

  3. This looks absolutely delicious! I love carrot cake. I love the pretty piping on top!

    [ Also, I’m loving the new look around here! The grey + mint combination is lovely. ]

  4. meg

    Yum! I’ll be trying this recipe soon.

  5. This looks super tasty – what a great friend you are! And we have the same mixer :-)

  6. oh yay!! the light turquoise is adorable, isn’t it!

  7. thank you!!!

  8. Stella

    The cake looks sooooo good!!! And what an adorable banner for your lucky friend! Nice photos too!

  9. great, now i need carrot cake. thanks.

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