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My friend, Sarah, is a Williams-Sonoma expert (mention before here). While skimming through the store catalogue, we came across the “Message in a Cookie” cookie cutters and I had to have them. They’ve been out-of-stock for awhile, but luckily Williams-Sonoma brought them back! Yay! I received mine from Sarah yesterday and gave them a try this afternoon.


Cutting out the cookies.

The “Message in a Cookie” cookie cutters come with three cookie shapes (star, heart, scalloped rectangle), a small mesh bag of letters, and a sugar cookie recipe. To create the cookie messages, all you do is slide the small white letters into the cookie cutters.


I made plain, pink, and purple sugar cookies using gel food coloring.

I am a big fan of typography posters, cards, pillows, etc…and am happy to now have typography cookies! The possibilities are endless. There are so many options that I had a hard time thinking of messages to stamp into the dough, which hopefully explains the corny, corny, “Have a Happy Day.” Haha.


IMG_2619Collection of cookie messages.


Message in a Cookie Box and cookie cutters.

To learn more about the Message in a Cookie Cutters, visit Williams-Sonoma online.

12 thoughts on “Message in a Cookie

  1. Britney

    Wow. I need to play with this. So cool!

  2. Sarah

    So glad you liked them! Thanks or making me personalized ones :)

  3. Nicole

    I want.

    I like the Keep Calm Carry On ones!

  4. Brittany

    OMG these are so cute and professional looking!! GO YOU!!! and I’m sure they tasted just as good.! :)

  5. So cute! I love how they came out! I must get thee to the store and try them out! P.S. I love typography posters too:)

  6. So cute! I love how they came out! I must get thee to the store and try them out! P.S. I love typography posters too:)

  7. thank you! these are my most favorite cookie cutters ever and completely versatile!

  8. OMG these are absolutely amazing! Hope I can get them in England (or at least something similar!).

    p.s. I’m now following!

  9. Oh my goodness. Typography in a cookie. That is the ultimate cookie.

  10. oh how cute is this! totally adorable!

  11. If only Williams-Sonoma shipped internationally, I would snap these up in a minute!

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