Nutella Sandwich Cookies


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Many months ago, I purchased the double value pack of Nutella from Costco. In others words, that’s a ton of Nutella. Though I love Nutella (its delicious on toast, waffles, by the spoonful…), the double value pack has proved to be more Nutella than this Nutella-lover can handle. I’ve tried a bunch of Nutella recipes (seen here and here) to use up my two jars of Nutella before their expiration date and, naturally, when I stumbled upon this Nutella Sandwich Cookies recipe, I had to try it. The cookie is pretty standard and since it doesn’t require any unusual ingredients, it can easily be made on a whim. They’re a quick cookie to whip up when you’re craving something sweet!

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2 Responses to Nutella Sandwich Cookies

  1. Wow, these look dangerous!!! I reeaaally didn’t need another excuse to eat Nutella! :)

  2. genius! these cookies are!! i’m definitely going to make these and credit you!!!
    xx ~ ks

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