Picnic Blanket Inspiration

11 Apr

So, maybe its the weather, but I’ve been slacking a little on the “making stuff” part of my life. And that makes me pretty sad. I’ve been wanting to make a picnic blanket for awhile now and I’ve decided it will be my next project. Some of my favorite Spring/Summer memories involve lying around at the park or beach, snacking and enjoying gorgeous weather – but our picnic blanket is typically an old bedsheet or tablecloth. This isn’t bad, but a cute one would be even better! My homemade blanket will consist of muted pastels in simple patterns, all thrown together into a checked quilt pattern. I have yards of plain fabric, so my first step will be finding time to paint it all!

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Post Easter Peeps

10 Apr

Since we spent most of our Easter Sunday resting up from our Vegas weekend, we raided the grocery store for Easter sweets last night. While I’m sad I missed out on egg dyeing and the usual brunch we make, this pack of bright pink Peeps might just make up for it. I’m planning to microwave these – they’re best that way!

Vintage Matchboxes

9 Apr

We’re back from a whirlwind, sleep deprived Vegas weekend, full of cousin bonding, good eats, lots of drinks, and lots of house music. Emphasis on the drinks and house music. Good, good times. I ended up with a clutch full of free matchboxes from our nights out and, while they’re perfect for lighting candles, I kinda wish they were as decorative as this vintage variety.


Weekend Words

6 Apr

As someone who truly appreciates a good, well designed font, today’s weekend words are completely fitting.

Did this week fly by quickly or was it just me? I can’t believe its already Friday!

This weekend, we’re packing up and heading to Vegas for a sleep deprived, yet exciting (!!) few days for our annual trip with the cousins!

Eat Drink Chic Bunny

4 Apr

With Easter coming up this Sunday, what better way to celebrate than with a colorful bunny? I love the modern twist to this colorful Origami bunny gift tag by Eat Drink Chic, especially the glitter! Even better? Its a free printable that will pair perfectly with any Easter treat!


Waiting for Sunny Days

3 Apr


As much as I enjoyed making soup and cuddling up in blankets last night, I am so ready for constant sunny days, basking in the extra daylight, wearing shorts, late afternoon walks (and games of “horse”) after work, not having to bundle up in sweaters, making popsicles, and opening all the windows in our apartment – to name a few. We’ve had a lot of rain these past few days and those tiny glimpses of blue sky just isn’t enough! Hopefully our real spring will start soon :).

Image Source: Oh Happy Day! / Bippity Boppity Boo

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