Before We Say Goodbye

4 Sep


1 – Real-life “floral” print

2 – Sunset during my sister’s birthday boat party

3 – The days when our living room glows are my favorite

4 – A bonfire in the middle of the city

Even though Labor Day weekend has passed, summer isn’t over yet. I think here in San Francisco, it may have just begun, which may explain my absence this past week (oops). Though I’m kind of excited to throw on a cozy scarf, giant cardigan, and boots, there are still many things that I want to accomplish on my Summer To-Do List. With these last few weeks left, I’m planning to savor the summer days as long as I can.

Shrimp and Grits

25 Aug

 A cheesy bowl of shrimp and grits is a perfect dinner for a foggy weekday night, especially when paired with greasy strips of bacon and a generous portion of green onions. We love channeling our New Orleans trip last January with this dish and have started making it more and more, despite its fatty goodness. It also makes for a pretty picture with all of its colors!

Weekend Words

24 Aug

Happy Weekend! I can’t wait to escape to nature this weekend. Hiking and wine-tasting, here we come!


Sewing with Oilcloth

24 Aug

Last week, my sister and I discovered an art store on Haight Street with a huge selection of fabric in the back of the shop (yay!). Included in that back room, was a crate of oilcloth in colorful patterns. It was obvious that we had to buy some and ended up with this turquoise flower print. I’ve been in a sewing mood and, as requested, ended up making my sister this zippered pouch for her makeup brushes. I like the way it turned out with its lavender accent zipper and bright yellow lining.

Sunny Days

22 Aug

I’m convinced that it won’t be winter here forever in San Francisco. I’ve been continually reminding myself that its still summer by wearing shorts, even if I am the only one shivering in the fog. Its gorgeous here in its own foggy way, especially when all the light flows into our flat, but I do miss the good ol’ sun. To remedy this, thank goodness Pinterest is filled with sunny pictures. A few trips to nature are in order.

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Cross Pillow

21 Aug

Now that we’re pretty much unpacked, it’s time for the fun part – decorating! I’ve started to make progress on my list of DIY projects and seeing little pieces of the flat come together. This cross pillow was the result of a gloomy Monday afternoon. I thought the colors and bold pattern would pair nicely with this velvety yellow old chair we acquired. I pieced the pillow together like a puzzle with thick canvas and by cutting out the navy parts of striped fabric. Lots of measuring and calculations went into making sure this pieced together perfectly.

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