Weekend Words

18 Aug

Its been a busy past few weeks, but I’m planning to get back to a routine this coming week. For the weekend? My day has been packed with friends, new home decor, and a museum visit!



15 Aug


My sister’s been staying with us for the past few days and we’ve been having a really delicious time. Thank you, San Francisco, for keeping our stomachs happy!

Flea Market Finds

8 Aug

Snapshots of the finds from my first flea market trip:

An “original” instagram (aka polaroid camera): I can’t wait to buy film for it!

A gold mirrored tray: Perfect for holding bowls of jewelry and trinkets.

A brass duck: This guy currently lives at the base of my mantle.

Flea Market Treasure Hunting

7 Aug


My sister and I visited the Alameda Flea Market this past Sunday in search for new treasures! It was my first time to the flea market and I was surprised at how many boothes there were. I think its pretty much impossible to look at everything, but we definitely tried. If I could, I probably would have purchased a ton more stuff like old vintage keys, pretty bottles, and a set of vintage metal flat files, but I resisted. I ended up purchasing three items that I’ll share in another post. Once we get our place more in order, I am definitely planning another trip to the flea market!


5 Aug

Though the cardboard boxes remain and things are scattered everywhere, our place is starting to feel more like home. We’re getting used to not living in a shoebox apartment and loving all the light that flows into the space. Its gorgeous!

Weekend Words

5 Aug


Lots of good stuff going on right now. So happy its the weekend and we can take some time to relax!! Enjoy yours!


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