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  1. Brittany says:

    just wanted to drop a note to say i very much enjoy your blog! i just came across it in my mid afternoon exploration of the interwebs. Thanks for the eye candy!

  2. Michelle says:

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! I came across it randomly today and ended up clicking through page after page. Everything is super cute and thoughtful from the modular layout to the color palette and, of course, the content! I’m also from the bay area and living in the city and if I ever had a blog, I’d want it to be literally exactly how yours is. :)

  3. Jaclyn says:

    Thanks so much Michelle!!!

  4. Kati Gömöri says:

    I like your site! Great idea, beautiful pictures, conveys good feelings.



  5. Brittany says:

    Hello! I just wanted to drop you a quick line… I’ve always loved your blog, and your last post struck me. I’ve been feeling the same way…but…I’m actually 2 years into my career and about to finally START my blog.

    How did you break into design? Did you start freelancing? Just curious…and GOOD LUCK to you!

    I’ll have to send you my blog once complete… I’d truly appreciate your opinion. (How did you find your focus–to me that’s the hardest part…to choose between photography, travel, food, love, interiors, etc.)

    Thank you for your thoughts~


  6. Emily Shea says:

    Hi Jaclyn,

    It’s Emily from the I Heart Prints & Patterns Blog. You might not know me but I am avid follower of your blog and I wanted to share my newest project with you.

    I think it can be quite hard sometimes to find inspiration in our daily lives. I don’t know about you but I am constantly feeling like I need to catch up – catch up on sleep, catch on work, catch up with friends….and the list goes on … let alone trying to feel inspired!

    So I decided to start Weekly Inspiration as a way to inspire the world in which I live.

    The idea behind Weekly Inspiration is simple – It’s a weekly newsletter that finds its way to your email inbox once week and features an inspirational quote to help inspire you for your working week.

    So I really do encourage you to visit the Weekly Inspiration website to see what it’s all about, maybe even share it with your blog readers and if you are interested you can subscribe here.

    Please share the inspiration.


  7. pulkit says:

    M strongly impressed by the posts..the creativity..its amazing..
    i too love craft work and i keep making things at times.
    M from Rajasthan, India.
    I got many ideas from your post which i use in making the things.
    Thanks a lot.
    n keep posting.
    Keep crafting.

    nd do not forget to visit my small page having my photo editing work.
    link is

    with regards

  8. Ginger says:

    Hi there, I love the picture you have of the anthropologie rosette quilt and yellow sheets! Any chance you can tell me who makes the sheet set??? Thank you!

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