Simply Hue Designs


More summer-y inspired photographs, but this time from Simply Hue Designs. The above photograph of the abandoned barn is what originally drew me to explore more about Simply Hue Designs.


Let me explain. After driving from Marin to Davis, CA for school numerous times, I grew to like the idea of abandoned old barns, and country side images. During the drive on Highway 37, I’d pass this one old abandoned barn surrounded only by tall green grass. It always happened that I’d be driving home when the sun was just setting and the tattered wood and falling apart walls just looked pretty. The image was always pretty, but I could never get a good photo while driving…using my camera phone… So, basically, the photo perfectly sums up my dreamy, superficial idea of abandon barns.


Old barns aside, Simply Hue Designs captures objects in the most carefree light – its a mix of sepia tones and pastel colors that creates a vintage chic kind of look. The creamy pastel suitcases make me what to take a road trip to a small beach town.  As you can tell, I am still on a search for apartment artwork at Etsy….!

Photo Credits: Simply Hue Designs

Check out more at the Simply Hue Design Esty Shop and Blog.

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