Walking on Sunshine





After this week’s blazing temperatures, I’m pretty sure I know what it would be like to walk on sunshine. Prior to a few years ago, I was not a big fan of the color yellow, but over the years, I’ve grown to love its multitude of shades and the way it adds instant fun to any room. While I still need to find the perfect addition of yellow for my apartment, for now, I’m considering the constant sun streaming through my windows (and heating up the place) as my sunny yellow decor…


12 thoughts on “Walking on Sunshine

  1. I’m the same actually! Yellow/mustard and all shades in between have recently become a favourite – for both decor and clothing! I LOVE the yellow Eames chairs above!
    Ronnie xo

  2. I think pops of yellow bring such a fun, unexpected vibe to any room. Goldenrod is so sophisticated, especially when paired with rich browns and grays. Loving all of your picks here!


  3. Oh GOSH I love it. I love it so much. Those colors just scream happiness. Well, they scream it in a very non-threatening, jolly way. :)

  4. Love love that mustard sofa, it’s gorgeous! It’s a very nice way to brighten up a room :)

  5. I’ve always decorated the places I’ve lived with blue but lately yellow has really grown on me. I just love how bright and happy that color is. It’ll definitely be a key color in my next place.

  6. I am loving all of these photos! Yellow has never been a color that I gravitate towards when decorating- but lately I have really been digging it. Definitely a mood booster- and it goes so well with other colors (I am loving it with a deep purple after my friend used the color combo for her wedding!)

    Happy Wednesday! xo

  7. I feel the same way! And, my gosh, I can’t stop swooning over that bed!

  8. I love the pops of yellow and so much of these rooms reflect what I love in home design (and wouldn’t mind seeing in a future home of my own)! I’ve realized that I love pretty much anything yellow, ha!

  9. Adds the perfect pop of color to a room! I love this touch of “sunshine.” You’ll have to share photos of your apartment eventually! :)

    <3 kris&kel

  10. that yellow couch really caught my eye…i like these sunny rooms :)

  11. beautiful! i’ve always loved those color combinations

  12. Gorgeous pictures!!! I love yellow – it’s such a happy color.
    Star Hughes Living

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